Soil Respiration Following Bark Beetles



Bark beetle infestations have expanded across much western North America in the past couple of decades leading to great timber harvest throughout the Rocky Mountains. Coupled disturbances (i.e., insect infestation and logging) alters biogeochemical cycling by decreasing carbon storage within the forest stands. 

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Dormant Season Soil Respiration



Soil respiration is a complex integration of heterotrophic and autotrophic contributions. Summer soil respiration is dominated by autotrophic root respiration and fungal symbiont respiration. However, dormant season soil respiration is less understood and is mostly derived from heterotrophic decomposition (Beverly and Franklin 2015).

Predicting Snow Distributions 


Current demand for water in the Western United States requires accurate predictions of water yields from subalpine and alpine catchments. We are using traditional methods for estimations of watershed-level snow yields to calibrate novel techniques.

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Hillslope Ecohydrology

Hillslope processes effect vegetation distributions, energy, and hydrological fluxes. We look to quantify energy and hydrological fluxes at variable hillslope positions to increase predictive power for ecological and hydrological fluxes at subalpine and alpine ecosystems.