Current Projects

My current work is very interdisciplinary collaborating with ecologists, hydrologists, and geophysicists to answer dynamic questions pertaining to hydrological fluxes. Collaborations throughout Wyoming Center of Hydrology and Geophysics (WyCEHG) are striving to quantify water relations for natural and urban systems.


Ongoing Projects

  1. Modeling snow distributions through complex subalpine forested watersheds with traditional and novel methods.
  2. Energy, community, and hydrological limitations of plant water-use following bark beetle infestations at the plot and hillslope scale.
  3. Quantify and parameterization of snow distribution and sublimation resulting in water fluxes at alpine ecosystems.


Daniel Beverly

University of Wyoming

Department of Botany

1000 E. University Ave.

Laramie WY, 82071


dbeverly [at] uwyo.edu

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